Riyadh to Host Conference on Islam as Religion of Mercy

July 23, 2009
Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz King Riyadh Riyadh Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Saudi Society for Sunnah

Riyadh: Riyadh will host a major international conference aimed at removing the misconceptions about Islam and its Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

Saudi King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz issued an order Tuesday directing the Saudi Society for Sunnah [Tradition of the Prophet] and its Sciences to organise the International Conference on “Prophet of Mercy” on May 9 and 10 next year.

The conference will highlight the salient features of Islam as a religion of mercy and tolerance as well as its denunciation of all forms of extremism and terrorism.

International figures, including prominent scholars, thinkers, intellectuals and writers, will be invited to the two-day event.

The conference is to be organised as part of the serious efforts being made by Saudi Arabia to highlight the important aspects in the life of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), which will contribute to strengthening adherence of Muslims to the religion of Islam.

It also aims at removing misconceptions about the Prophet and defending Islam against unfounded allegations.

The Society has called for the submission of research studies and working papers by October 20 this year.

Ref: GulfNews

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